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Structural Engineering Services

From project conception to construction
Vlachos Engineering offers a wide range of services from project conception to contruction.  We provide structural designs that are economically feasible and are building code compliant to resist gravity, wind and seismic loads.

Our priority is to provide our clients with professional, courteous services, ensuring that projects are executed expeditiously with quick responses and a high level of communication and coordination with the many other diciplines (mechanical, plumbing, electrical, etc.)

What we do and why a Structural Engineering Firm is necessary...

The Conceptual Phase 
We offer an initial consultation with the Architect to discuss the design concept, offering advice that will add strength and stability to the design of the building, while striving to maintain the functionality and the aesthetics of the Architect’s vision. 

The Planning Phase 
The Structural Engineer plays a key role during the planning phase, consulting with the Architect, the owner and the Contractor to offer solutions to construction challenges to maintain the integrity of the design. The engineer will assess the project details, which may include reviewing the location of the project, soil condition, as well as the orientation, size and intended usage of the building. This assessment will determine the structural system (types of materials and methods) to be used and how much reinforcement is needed. During the planning phase, we will develop the Structural Calculations to address the vertical loads, wind loads, and seismic loads. We provide Structural Drawings complete with general notes, foundation plan, floor framing plans, roof framing plans, and structural details.

The Construction Phase
Even the best laid out plans can change after construction begins. While pre-construction meetings are usually held for new construction projects, additional services may be required. On-site observations are always recommended and are often required by code.

Structural  Engineering Services

Structural Design

Structural ACAD Drawings
Structural Site Observation
Structural Feasibility Studies
Structural Evaluations Services
Design and Coordination Reviews
Energy Calculations
Seismic Equipment Anchorage
Seismic Risk Assessment
Post Seismic Evaluations
Structural Seismic Retrofit
Structural Building Inspections
Mechanical Anchorage
Light Gauge Shop Drawings

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